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January 17, 2020 Thunder Fire You Yeye Fake Pastor,  Charly Boy Blast Rev Father Mbaga

Thunder Fire You Yeye Fake Pastor, Charly Boy Blast Rev Father Mbaga

Charles oputa popularly known as Charley boy is a controversial entertainer that is known for his own style and always vocal everywhere, this time he has come out to blast Rev Manga and I think it seem is planning a collaboration with Falz the bad Guy on the topic he said and we quote

Imagine the one called Rev Father Mbaka, trying to form Jesus Christ for us with his useless mumu predictions.
No be souls for God you suppose to dey gather?
Which one be your own with Politricks.

Charley boy and Falz the bad guy

Na all the Mumu’s wey dey still listen to you I dey sorry for.

Make God no send thunder fire you there. Yeye Fake Pastor.
Have you not disgraced yourself enough.

All of us no be stupid, we are not oblivious of your APC scamming predictions.
When is enough ever enough for this Fake rev Father. (God Of Men)

November 21, 2019 Sue Me or Shut Up 2Baba Tells Black Face

Sue Me or Shut Up 2Baba Tells Black Face

Nigerian Veteran singer, Tubaba Idibia has finally reacted to Blackface’s non-stop threat of suing him on air and via social media. __ Tubaba further alleged that what Blackface has done so far is to engage in a smear campaign. He told The Sun that his former bandmate has a problem but no one knows what the problem is. __

In his words ; “Let me put it like this, you just go on air and start spinning lies. I have never said or done anything bad to Blackface, but he just goes on air and starts lying all the time because he wants to spread hate. It is a smear campaign. “He keeps saying he is going to sue me, so I am saying sue me! You know say I no thief your song, you just want people to hate me. Stop the nonsense. . __ Anytime he comes on air, ask him ‘wetin im do wey make me sue am? Ask am whether I no write am letter before say guy stop this thing, I did not steal your song’. What have I done to him? He just hates me. It has become an obsession and it is not healthy for him anymore and there is nothing I can say or do to help his dilemma, so I don’t know. It is not like I am giving up, but it is all up to him now. He has to free himself from that bondage. “Everyday, he keeps digging himself into this mess and now he has kids growing up.

It is unfortunate. . __ Before, I was quiet but he is always blabbing. Had I taken it serious from the beginning, we wouldn’t be here today. Legally, I have done my own bit, so I don’t have anything to tell him. . __ The funny thing is that he has a problem but nobody knows what the problem is. So, if you will not sue me then shut up! Stop killing yourself; it is becoming too embarrassing. I can’t get him arrested and sent to a psychiatric hospital, so please, people around him should talk to him

November 13, 2019 9ice Set To Marry One Of His Baby Mama In December

9ice Set To Marry One Of His Baby Mama In December


Abolore Adegbola Akande populaly know as 9ice is set to marry one of his baby Mama Sunkanmi Ajala in December 3rd of this year,

9ice who is getting to marry for the 3rd time has a daughter mitchelle with Sunkanmi Ajala five years ago but their relationship has been off and on.

9ice with Sunkanmi Ajala and mitchelke

9ice first marriage was in 2018 with Tony Payne and they had a child together before the marriage collapsed and later 9ice proceeded to date another lady Vickie Gold whom they also had a set of twins together.

Adeoti Anifalaje

In 2018 9ice got married to Adeoti Anifalaje,a United States based software engineer and the marriage that took place 3 times between March,July and August is blessed with a daughter only lasted for a year plus ,9ice also was rumor expecting another child with a lady called Olori Oluwaseyi last year.

9ice we wish you happy married life in advance.

November 6, 2019 Card B set to perform in Nigeria for the first time

Card B set to perform in Nigeria for the first time

American superstar and Grammy award winner artiste card B is set to perform in Nigeria on the 7 December at live spot festival in Lagos according to BHM on instagram.

Since the former club stripper broke out she has not perform in any African country and Nigeria will be the first African country to perform then to Ghana on the 10th of the same months

The organizers of the shows annnounced this via instagram that the show will also includes alot of stars performing on that day

well to all fans of Cardi B lets get ready for the day